Must Have Equipment Every Kitchen Should Have
With the right equipment available, cooking can be made easy....

With the right equipment available, cooking can be made easy. Here are some tools you should stock in your kitchen:



This is best used to serve soups from a large bowl. Plus, its bent handle would allow you to hook it on the side of a pot without falling in.


A metallic one with an offset thin blade will let you get under delicate foods like pancakes and cookies. A sturdy, rubber spatula will likewise let you maneuver heavy dough and get them into jar corners with no problem.

For Slicing

Chef’s knife

Choose a knife with an 8-9 inch blade with a thick bolster. It should also have a metal that extends from the edge of the blade to the handle. The metal will act as a finger guard while you’re chopping.

Paring knife

An ideal paring knife has a blade that’s between 3-4 inches long. It’s perfect for small and fine cuts and for peeling fruits and vegetables.

Y-shaped vegetable peeler

This is perfect for hard-to-peel foods such as butternut squash and mangoes because it has a better grip.

Serrated bread knife

Opt for one that has an at least 8-inches blade and an offset handle. This will make slicing through sandwiches way easier as you certainly won’t bang your knuckles on the chopping board.

Garlic press

This makes chopping unpeeled cloves a lot easier and quicker.


Pick a grater that has a sturdy handle and has different grate options such as shredding, shaving, dusting, and zesting.

Other equipment

Can opener

A smooth-edge or safe-cut model will let you cut around the exterior of the can rather than the lid. This prevents the lid from lowering into the food.

Measuring cups

You’ll need at least 1-cup and 4-cup measuring tools on hand to measure dry ingredients. This is perfect for wet ingredients too.

Measuring spoons

Choose those with an oval shape as they will often fit into spice containers.

Instant-read thermometer

A shatterproof and easy-to-read model will definitely go a long way.


Opt for a digital model that will let you perform multiple timekeeping. That way, you can do a couple of things such as putting the dough in the fridge or tracking a roast in the oven.


A standard corkscrew that could open both wine and beer should be good enough. Unlike a two-armed model, a standard corkscrew won’t take much space.

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